Title: サムライチャンプルー Artist: user-999 45,701 plays

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live everyday like you’re in an anime opening

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Title: 春待ち Artist: amazarashi 4,637 plays


春待ち (The Wait for Spring) // amazarashi

With your back facing the train station
And an alleyway on the right
To the end of the cargo warehouse
Across the street from the laundromat
Is the road to that person’s house

I can reach the back of my mind
To search for a number of memories
But if there’s a road I need to recall
This is the one

Eventually I’ll abandon this heart and its intentions
Taking with me only warm sentiments

A certain town
Parting heavy rain
Thick snow
Lastly, the defying dancing snow

The wait for spring

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It’s not so impossible!

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Title: Feels Like We Only Go Backwards Artist: Tame Impala 8,777 plays

Feels Like We Only Go Backwards // Tame Impala

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